Monday, 9 September 2013

When You're Dreaming with a Broken Heart, Waking Up is the Hardest Part

So, what's the deal with this "broken heart" shit? Honestly, like who in their right mind was the first person to decide that they were going to be "broken hearted". I pity that person. They must have been extremely upset and insecure.
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all people that are broken hearted are insecure, because they're not. And trust me, I've been there. I guess we all have, and if you haven't consider yourself lucky. That "lay on your bed, curled up in a ball, can't even cry because there's no tears left" feeling isn't something that i'd wish upon anyone.
I don't quite know what the point of this rant is, but I think it may develop into a beautifully written piece on how to overcome such an incident. But, on the other hand, it probably won't. Let's find out, shall we?

I'm going to start off with the absolute worst thing that you can do in such a circumstance. Seriously, don't do this. My mother (wonderful woman, really) told me not to do this, and you know what? I did what any other teenager would do, and i didn't listen to her. So listen to me when I say this: don't lay on your bed and sook about it. I know that it's the easiest thing to do, I know that you don't want to get up and pretend to be happy, and I sure as hell know that the last thing you want to do is listen to me. But trust me on this: the more you think about it, the worse it gets. It's true, really. If you can muster up the strength to get up and move on with your life, you're bound to be a lot happier than if you continue to lay on that god forsaken bed.
It sucks. I know it does, and I know you just wanna be alone to mope around and be upset. But that's not getting you anywhere. It really isn't.

Anyway, take my advice if you want, and if not, then don't. It's your choice, and your life.
But either way, remember that you are an excellent person, and deserve the best.
Cheers and best wishes!

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